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This page offers a comprehensive collection of funeral songs and hymns tailored for various relationships and emotional tones, making it easier for you to find the perfect musical tribute for your loved one. Whether you're looking for traditional hymns or modern melodies, for a parent, spouse, or friend, you'll find a wide array of options to suit any service.

Nationality & Culture

This section showcases songs that are specific to various nationalities and cultures, suitable for funeral introductions.

Emotional Tone and Theme

This section discusses songs that set different emotional tones and themes when introducing a funeral service.

Timing and Instrumentation

This section examines the timing and instrumentation factors to consider when selecting an introductory funeral song.

Musical Genre and Style

This section provides an overview of songs from various musical genres and styles that are appropriate for funeral introductions.

Religious and Spiritual

This section highlights songs that are centered on religious and spiritual themes, ideal for starting a funeral ceremony.

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Why Include a Funeral Song in a Service?

There are various compelling reasons to include a song, hymn, or other musical selections in a funeral service. We have detailed a few of these below:

Emotional Catharsis: Music has the power to evoke strong emotions, helping people to process and release their feelings.

Personalisation: A chosen song can reflect the tastes, beliefs, or character of the deceased, adding a personalised touch to the service.

Reflect and Remember: A song allows attendees a few minutes to reflect on the life of the deceased, remember good times, or simply pray or meditate.

Comfort: Recognizable or calming melodies can offer a feeling of tranquillity and relief to those mourning the loss of a loved one.

Memorialisation: A significant or favourite song can serve as a lasting memory or tribute to the life of the deceased.

Spiritual Connection: For those with religious beliefs, hymns or other religious songs can offer spiritual comfort and a connection to a higher power.

Transition Moments: Music can serve as a graceful segue between different parts of the service, helping to set the tone for readings, eulogies, or other elements.

Artistic Expression: Music is an art form that can express what might be difficult to convey through words alone.

Celebrate Life: Upbeat or joyful songs can celebrate the life of the deceased, focusing on positive memories rather than just sorrow.

As shown above there are many reasons for having a song at a funeral, and it's often the customary choice. However, it's not obligatory; the decision to include music or not is ultimately a personal one that you and your family are free to make.

Should I play a hymn, song or music at a funeral?

Music at funerals frequently varies in type, each form imbued with its own emotional meaning and importance. The selection among hymns, customary songs, and different musical styles generally hinges on the individual preferences, cultural background, or religious convictions of the departed and their loved ones.

Funeral Hymns:

Example: "Amazing Grace"
Hymns are often used in religious ceremonies to offer spiritual reassurance and the promise of life beyond death. They can enhance the feeling of a divine connection among those in attendance.

Traditional Songs

Example: "Danny Boy" or "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
These songs often evoke strong emotions and nostalgia, recalling cherished memories or specific aspects of your loved ones life. These funeral songs are often familiar to many, making it easier for funeral attendees to join in singing.

Other Types of Music:

This can include classical pieces, contemporary music, or even your loved ones favourite songs that may not traditionally be associated with funerals.

Are religious funeral hymns appropriate for non-religious services?

It depends on the audience and the wishes of the deceased. Some may find it comforting, while others may not.

If your loved one has expressed a particular desire to include such hymns, that wish generally carries significant weight. Likewise, the audience's composition also plays a crucial role; a diverse group with varying beliefs might find religious hymns either comforting or alienating.

The choice to include religious hymns should be made thoughtfully, taking into consideration these complex variables to ensure the service remains a respectful and unifying experience for all attendees and the person that has died.

How to choose the right funeral song?

Selecting the ideal funeral song can be both a significant and difficult endeavour, aimed at paying tribute to the departed. However, before we offer you help on how to pick the perfect tune, it's crucial to understand that the notion of a "right" or "wrong" funeral song is highly personal and influenced by individual, cultural, and family views. A song that might seem unsuitable or disturbing in one situation could be extremely comforting and poignant in another.

Here are things to think about when selecting a funeral song:

  • Emotional Connection: Opt for a melody that holds significance for the departed, or one that resonates with your emotional bond with them.

  • Lyrical Relevance: Look for lyrics that are appropriate for the occasion. Sentiments of love, memory, and the celebration of life are often good themes to focus on.

  • Mood and Atmosphere: Consider whether you want a song that is uplifting or hopeful. The mood of the song should align with the atmosphere you wish to create at the funeral.

  • Family and Friend Preferences: Talk to immediate family members and close friends to make sure the song you're considering is both respectful and significant to them too.

  • Faith and Spiritual Beliefs: If the deceased was religious or spiritual, a song that reflects these beliefs may be appropriate.

  • Duration: Choose a song that fits well within the timeline of the ceremony.

As shown, choosing the ideal funeral song is complex and extends beyond just liking a melody. We suggest exploring all the funeral songs on this page to help you on your search.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many songs at a funeral?
In more traditional religious services, hymns are often sung at the beginning, middle, and end, totaling about 3 hymns usually.
Can I sing a solo song at a funeral?
Certainly, performing a solo song can add a meaningful touch. If you're not part of the immediate family, it's advisable to consult with them in advance to discuss specifics like sound setup and location.
Can I use a funeral poem as a song?
Yes you can - turning a poem into a song can make it even more impactful. You can check out our funeral poems here
Can I write my own song for a funeral?
No, song choices can vary. Hymns are traditional but not mandatory. Although in the UK and for Christian funerals hymns are the norm
Do you have to play hymns at a funeral?

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More Funeral Songs

This section delves into additional songs that are fitting for the beginning of a funeral service.


How Long Will I Love You

Abide With Me

Spirit In The Sky

Remember Me

Time To Say Goodbye

Bring Him Home

The Highlanders Farewell

The Carnival Is Over

How Great Thou Art

Pie Jesu

Sunshine On Leith


Funeral Song

Is Wind Beneath My Wings

I ll Fly Away

I Hope You Dance

Stairway To Heaven

When The Saints Go Marching In

Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind

Lord Of The Dance

Immortal Invisible God Only Wise

The Lord Is My Shepherd

I Watch The Sunrise

I Need Thee Every Hour

The Servant King

Morning Has Broken

All Things Bright And Beautiful

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Love Divine All Loves Excelling

The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended

Eternal Father Strong To Save

The Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Lord Of All Hopefulness

Shine Jesus Shine

Death Is Only A Dream

Be Thou My Vision

Our God Our Help In Ages Past

Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me

Old Rugged Cross

There Is A Balm In Gilead

Holy Holy Holy

The Lords Prayer

In The Garden

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

On Jordans Stormy Banks I Stand

Because He Lives

Soon And Very Soon

His Eye Is On The Sparrow

Take My Hand Precious Lord

When We All Get To Heaven

Heaven Came Down

Mansion On A Hilltop

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

Victory In Jesus

I Can Only Imagine

10 000 Reasons


I Will Praise You In The Storm

On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand

Blessed Assurance

O God Our Help In Ages Past

In Christ Alone

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Christ Be Beside Me

Holy God We Praise Thy Name

Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer

The King Of Love My Shepherd Is

My Faith Looks Up To Thee

Be Not Afraid

Beautiful Savior

Down To The River To Pray

Here I Am Lord

Thine Be The Glory

Ave Maria

My Way


Tears In Heaven

Let It Be

In The Arms Of An Angel


You Raise Me Up

What A Wonderful World


Candle In The Wind

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The Voyage

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

Amazing Grace

In The Sweet By And By

It Is Well With My Soul