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This page offers a wide array of funeral poems to comfort during times of loss. We provide uplifting life celebration poems, poignant readings for diverse relationships, and respectfully cater to all faiths. We acknowledge varying circumstances of passing, including sudden death, military service, and more. Our assortment extends to nature-inspired verses and those that address profound emotions due to tragedies. We also include unique poems for specific interests like farming and cricket.

Mood and Sentiment

This section compiles an emotional spectrum of funeral poems that evoke a range of moods and sentiments, allowing you to choose a piece that resonates deeply with the feelings stirred by your loss.

Funeral Rituals

This section presents a thoughtful anthology of poems that pay homage to various funeral rituals, offering words of comfort and commemoration, while honoring tradition and customs.

Cause of Death

This section brings together a sensitive collection of poems that reflect on the various causes of death, providing a poetic medium to express sorrow, find closure, and celebrate life.

Cultural Influence

This section offers a diverse tapestry of funeral poems influenced by various cultures. Each poem is a testament to the universal human experience of loss, while simultaneously honouring distinct cultural traditions and perspectives.

By Authors

This section presents a compilation of renowned authors, each of whom has contributed significantly to the genre of funeral poetry.

About Funeral Poems

What is a Funeral Poem?

A funeral poem is a piece of verse or prose that is read during a funeral service as a tribute to the deceased. It can express deep sorrow, celebrate the person's life, or offer comfort to the bereaved. These poems can be original works penned by friends or family, or they can be classic pieces that resonate with the feelings of those present.

Why Include a Funeral Poem in a Service?

A funeral poem can add depth and emotional resonance to a funeral service. It provides a platform for expressing grief, celebrating the life lived, or encapsulating shared memories. Funeral poems can be woven into various parts of the service. They can be used as part of the eulogy, as standalone readings, or even printed in the order of service for attendees to read in their own time. You can consult with the funeral director or celebrant for advice on the best way to include a poem in the service.

What Makes a Good Funeral Poem?

A good funeral poem is one that speaks to the heart, that resonates with the audience and offers comfort in its words. It should reflect the personality, life, and values of the deceased. Like Rosy the British Humanist Association also states on their website that the best poems are those that give voice to grief, yet also remind us of the joy and love that life brings.

How Long Should a Funeral Poem Be?

There is no fixed length for a funeral poem. It can be as short as a few lines or as long as a full-page. The average length of a poem is around 569 words however, the most important aspect is that the poem should effectively express the sentiments of the moment. Remember, the purpose of the poem is to pay tribute to the departed and bring comfort to those in attendance. Therefore, it's the content and the emotions conveyed that matter more than the length.

Who Typically Reads or Recites Funeral Poems?

Anyone close to the deceased can read or recite a funeral poem. It could be a family member, a close friend, or even a celebrant leading the service. The key is to choose someone who feels comfortable doing so and who can deliver the poem with the emotion and respect it deserves.

Should I Practise Reading the Funeral Poem Beforehand?

Yes, it's advisable to practise reading the funeral poem beforehand. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the flow of the words and manage your emotions better when reading it in front of others. It might also be helpful to have a backup reader, in case you find it too difficult to read the poem on the day of the service.

Why Do We Use Poems at Funerals? The History Behind It

While it's difficult to pinpoint specific dates in the history of funeral poetry, due to its deep and wide-ranging roots in human culture, there are several key periods and events that influenced its evolution. Funeral poetry dates back to the Ancient Period (around 8th century BCE) with the Greeks using elegiac verses in rites. This tradition also appeared during China's Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE) where scholars composed funeral verses. The Middle Ages (5th to 15th century) saw a rise in elegies in European literature, and the tradition notably grew during the Victorian Era (1837 - 1901) with significant contributions from poets like Alfred Lord Tennyson, Emily Dickinson, and Thomas Hardy. In the Modern Era (20th century onwards), both traditional and contemporary funeral poems remain a cherished part of memorial services. These are broad timeframes, highlighting the enduring presence of poetry in funeral traditions. The exact usage and practices would have varied greatly depending on the specific culture and period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I handle emotions while reading a funeral poem?
Reading a funeral poem at a loved one's service can be emotionally challenging. One strategy is to practise reading the poem aloud several times beforehand to familiarise yourself with the words and emotions.
Can I use song lyrics as a funeral poem?
Yes, song lyrics can be used as a funeral poem if they convey the sentiments you wish to express. Songs often carry deep emotional resonance and can serve as a powerful tribute. However, do ensure they are appropriate for the occasion.
Can I use a funeral poem in a eulogy?
Absolutely. A funeral poem can be a poignant addition to a eulogy, offering comfort and connection in the face of loss.
Can I include humour in a funeral poem?
Yes, if humour was a significant part of the deceased's personality or if it helps express your feelings of loss, it can be included in the funeral poem. It's important, however, to be sensitive to the feelings of others at the service.
Can I include a favourite quote as part of a funeral poem?
Certainly. Including a favourite quote can add a personal touch to a funeral poem and serve as a reflection of the deceased's values or outlook on life.
Are religious funeral poems appropriate for non-religious services?
It depends on the context and the audience. If the poem's message is universal and comforting, it might be appropriate, but it's crucial to respect the beliefs of the deceased and the attendees.
Can I write my own funeral poem?
Yes, writing your own funeral poem can be a deeply personal and therapeutic way to express your grief and pay tribute to your loved one.
Can I use a funeral poem for an obituary?
Absolutely. A funeral poem can be a meaningful addition to an obituary, helping to encapsulate the life and spirit of the deceased.
Can I request a specific funeral poem to be read at my own funeral?
Yes, including a specific poem in your funeral plan can be a way to share your beliefs, values, or feelings with your loved ones.

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By All Poems

This section organises our extensive collection of all our funeral poems from A - Z.

A Boy And His Dad

A Butterfly's Funeral, Such a Sight

A Child's Grace

A Chuckle Shared

A Cousin's Capers

A Cousin's Legacy

A Death-Bed

A Diamond's Worth

A Distant Whisper

A Farewell to a Beloved Soul

A Farmer's Farewell

A fulfilled life

A Garden of Joy

A Gift of Light

A Glimmer of Laughter

A Golfer's Legacy

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Thistle

A Guiding Hand

A Guiding Light

A Heaney Quip Amidst the Rain

A Heavenly Match

A Hero's Heart

A Hero's Legacy

A Highland Gathering

A Hilarious Farewell

A Journey of Grace

A Joyful Remembrance

A Lament for the Highlands

A Lasting Legacy

A Laughter Shared

A Legacy of Love and Laughter

A Legacy of Love

A Legacy Unfolding

A Life of Inspiration

A Life of Kindness

A Life of Laughter

A Life of Love

A Life of Valor

A Life Remembered

A Life Well Lived

A Life Well-Lived

A Life Well-Loved

A Light Extinguished, Yet Undimmed

A Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Shadows

A Light Next Door

A Light That Shines

A Light Undimmed

A Love Remembered

A Love That Grows

A Love Unbroken

A Love Undimmed

A Love Unyielding

A Mother's Lament

A Nurturing Heart

A Pillar of Strength, A Life of Grace

A Playful Spirit

A Poet's Life, a Heaney Feast

A Pooh Bear's Farewell

A Scottish Jest

A Scottish Legacy

A Silent Goodbye

A Smile in the Silence

A Smile in the Trenches

A Smoky Farewell

A Soldier's Sacrifice

A Soldier's Wit

A Song Of Living

A Symphony of Wings

A Tapestry of Love

A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning

A Warrior's Journey

A Wink and a Smile, Forever Dear

A Wisp of Joy

A Wry Smile


After Their Death


Afternoon In February

All Nature Has A Feeling

All That Was Her

All Things Will Die

An Angel Brushed My Shoulder

An Aunt's Legacy

An Eternal Flame

An Uncle's Legacy

An Unfading Light

Annabel Lee

As Long As Hearts Remember

As We Look Back Poem

Ashes Adrift

Ashes to Earth, Memories Remain

Ashes to Life, Love Eternally

At The Mid Hour Of Night


Beneath the Turf and Sodden Earth

Beneath the Willow Tree

Beyond The Empty Chair

Blooms of Gratitude

But Not Forgotten

Celebrating A Life-In Words Of One Syllable

Celtic Gratitude

Champion of the Game

Child Of Mine

Close The Gate Poem

Come To Me When I'M Dying

Complex Hearts


Crossing The Bar

Dancing in the Rain

Dancing Through the Fog

Darest Thou Now O Soul

Death Is Nothing At All

Death The Leveller

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Do Not Weep For Me

Don't Be Too Sad

Don't Cry For Me Poem

Don't Cry For Me Today

Don't Remember Me With Sadness

Elegy On Thyrza


Embracing Eternity

Emerald Memories

Enduring Brotherhood

Epitaph On My Own Friend

Eternal Bond

Eternal Brotherhood

Eternal Embrace

Eternal Friendship

Eternal Memories of Grandma

Eternal Promise

Fading Memories

Fairway to Heaven

Fare Thee Well

Farewell My Friends

Farewell, Sweet Dust


Feel No Guilt In Laughter Poem



Fish Tales

Fleeting Moments

Flicker of Memories

Footprints On The Sands Of Time

Footprints Poem Funeral

Forever a Sister

Forever Friends

Forever in my Heart: A Tribute to My Sister

Forever in Our Hearts, Granddad

Funeral Blues

Giggles in Heaven

Giggles in the Garden

God Saw You Getting Tired

Golfing with the Angels

Gone Fishin'

Gone Suddenly

Good-Bye, My Fancy!

Goodbye My Family


Granddad's Laughter and Love

Grandma's Endless Love

Grandma's Everlasting Light

Grateful for the Light

Grateful Heart and Soul

Grateful Heart

Grateful Hearts, for Strength Unbound

Gratitude in the Wind

Greens of Gratitude

Greenwood Cemetery

Guardian Angel Brother

Harvest of a Poet's Soul

Heartfelt Departure

Heaven's Embrace

Heaven's Fishing Hole

Heaven's Light

Heaven's Symphony

Heavenward Dance


Honey in the Heavens

Honoring a Life Well-Lived

I Am Standing Upon The Seashore

I Am There By

I Carry Your Heart

I Farmed The Land

I Heard Your Voice In The Wind Today

I Never Left You Poem

I Will Not Die An Unlived Life

I Wish I Knew

I’d Like To Think

If I Could

If I Should Go Tomorrow

If I Should Go

If I Should Never See The Moon Again

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

I'M Free Poem

I'm Just A Farmer, Plain And Simple

I'm Not Gone

I’M There Within Your Heart

In Memory

In The Garden At Dusk

In the Hundred Acre Wood


Into the Sky

Irish Blessing

Irish Legacy

She Is Gone (He Is Gone)

It Couldn't Be Done

It's Strange

Jewel of Kindness

Last Journey Poem

Laughter Across the Fence

Laughter Among the Daffodils

Laughter in the Irish Skies

Laughter in the Labyrinth

Laughter in the Shadows

Laughter in the Stars

Laughter Through Tears

Laughter's Echo

Legacy of Love

Lessons Learned

Let It Be Gone

Let Me Die A Young Man's Death

Let Me Go

Life! I Know Not What Thou Art

Life Remembered as suppose to

Like As The Waves Make Towards The Pebbled Shore

Little Gidding (From Four Quartets)

Look For Me In Rainbows

Love Lives Beyond The Tomb

Love Shines Through


May The Blessing Of Light Be On You

Memories Short Poem


Moments Held Close

Mother's Love

My Funeral

My Journey's Just Begun

My Memory Library

My Mother’S Sleep Is Deep

Near Shady Wall A Rose Once Grew

No Coward Soul Is Mine

Not, How Did He Die, But How Did He Live?

Now You're Gone Poem

O Captain! My Captain!

Of Joy And Sorrow

Oh, Dear Granddaughter

On Death

On His Own Death

On Pain

One At Rest

Our Memories Build A Special Bridge

Pardon Me For Not Getting Up

Please Don't Go

Poem Of Life

Pooh Bear's Legacy

Prayer Of St. Francis Of Assisi

Precious Flower

Precious Memory

Precious Moments

Rejoice, for a Strong Woman's Life

Remember Me - Do Not Shed Tears

Remember Me - I Will Live Forever

Remember Me - In Your Heart


Remembering Granddad's Legacy



Scattered Laughter

Sentiments Of Grief

Shattered Hearts

Softly Woo Away Her Breath

Songs Of The Death Of Children (Kindertotenlieder)


Strength Through the Storm

Take Me To Some High Place

Teeing Off to Eternity

Tender Wings of Love

That Man Is A Success

The Best And Most Beautiful Things In The World

The Bluebird

The Bravest Heart

The Butterfly's Embrace

The Butterfly's Legacy

The Candle

The Cricketer's Legacy

The Dash

The Death Bed

The Echo of Taps

The Empty Yard

The Family Tree

The Farmer's Field, Now Still

The Final Innings

The Fisherman's Prayer

The Garden of Memories

The Garden's Song

The Garden's Strength

The Guiding Light of Granddad

The Harvest of Life

The Harvest

The Heart of a Farmer

The Heart of the Valley

The Irish Wake

The Joyful Prankster

The Last Invocation

The Laughter in the Stars

The Life That I Have Funeral Poem

The Life

The Lord's My Shepherd - Psalm 23

The Noble Heart of Heaney's Verse

The Old Farmer's Prayer

The Parting Glass Funeral Poem

The Prophet

The River's Journey

The Road Not Taken

The Sea Spirit

The Silent Battlefield

The Sower's Gratitude

The Star

The Strength of the Mountain

The Tombs In Westminster Abbey

The Triumph Of Death

The Unspoken Goodbye

The Whispers in the Wind

There Are No Boring People In This World

There Is No Night Without A Dawning

They Sit Together On The Porch

Think Of Me

Time Does Not Bring Relief

Timeless Memories

Tis Only We Who Grieve

To Sleep

To Those I Love

To Those Whom I Love & Those Who Love Me

Too Soon

Turn Again To Life

Unbreakable Sisterhood

Upon the Wings of Butterflies

Virtue Immortal

We Saw You Getting Tired

Weep Not For Me

What Is Success?

What Will Matter

When I Am Dead, My Dearest

When I Am Gone

When Robins Are Near Poem

When We Lose A Loved One

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers of the Past

Whispers of Willow

Wind Whispers

Wisdom of the Bear

Woodland Burial

You Meant So Much

You Never Said Goodbye

Your Grief For What You've Lost Holds A Mirror

Your Life Remembered

You've Just Walked On Ahead Of Me