Best 5 Funeral Directors in Rushden

Discover funeral directors located in Rushden. See pricing details and information regarding the inclusions offered. Also opening hours and contact details. Find comprehensive details below of NAFD & SAIF approved funeral directors.

Rosy Company


Open 24/7

Rushden Funeralcare

Rushden Funeralcare


155 High Street, Northamptonshire, NN10 0PA

Open 24/7
Bruce Carter Son Funeral Directors

Bruce Carter Son Funeral Directors


Havelock Street, Northamptonshire, NN8 4QA

Open 24/7
Cooksleys Independent Funeral Services

Cooksleys Independent Funeral Services


1 Berrymoor Court, Northamptonshire, NN8 2DL

Open 24/7
Co Op Funeralcare Wellingborough

Co Op Funeralcare Wellingborough


3 Farm Road, Northamptonshire, NN8 4UF

Open 24/7

Opening Times

All Funeral Directors in Rushden operate 24 hours 7 days a week for emergencies this includes bank holidays.


You can use public transportation to reach Rushden Funeralcare, Bruce Carter Son Funeral Directors, Cooksleys Independent Funeral Services, Co Op Funeralcare Wellingborough. See the following link to find parking:

Parking near Rushden Funeralcare

Parking near Bruce Carter Son Funeral Directors

Parking near Cooksleys Independent Funeral Services

Parking near Co Op Funeralcare Wellingborough

About City

Rushden is known for its association with the popular Rushden Lakes, a retail and leisure complex set around a lake, offering shopping, dining, and recreational activities. The town is also renowned for its connection to the Rushden Transport Museum, showcasing vintage vehicles and local transport history. With a population of 32,124 people.

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How many funeral directors in Rushden?

Within a 5 - 10 mile radius there are around 10 Funeral Directors in Rushden On this page we have listed 4 of the best funeral undertakers near you.

How much does a funeral cost in Rushden?

The typical cost of funerals in Rushden typically sits around £2500 up to £4500 with burial constituting 21% and cremation accounting for 79% of the amount of funerals taking place in Rushden. However, the actual expense for a family can vary based on specific requirements and choices. For instance, if a family prefers a local celebrant, such as 'Vale Ceremonies' found on, rather than a minister or pastor, the cost would be higher.

When calculating the overall expenses of a funeral, it is important to take into account the additional cost of funeral flowers. Local florists like Jan's Floral Boutique (Located on 27 High Street, RUSHDEN NN10 0QE, Northamptonshire) or In Bloom (Phone number 01933 628521) typically charge approximately between £79 up to £463 for funeral flower arrangements.

Even though funeral jewellery, like a cremation necklace, is not typically considered a direct expense of a funeral, it does add to the overall cost. To obtain pricing information about funeral jewellery, we suggest reaching out to Beaverbrooks the Jewellers or visiting their store at GS12 Garden Square, Rushden lakes, Rushden.

Best companies offering Funeral plans in Rushden?

Funeral directors such as Rosy (Rushden), Rushden Funeralcare and Bruce Carter Son Funeral Directors all offer funeral plans as an intermediary (reseller) for funeral plan providers such as Golden Charter and Golden leaves in Rushden. In 2024 ‘Rosy Funeral Plans’ will be launched by Rosy to help bring more variety of choices for bereaved families in Rushden.

What Crematorium do Funeral Directors use in Rushden for Traditional and Direct Cremation?

Within 10 Miles off Rushden there are 1 crematoriums offering a variety of services such as direct and traditional cremation. The 1 main crematoriums frequently used by funeral undertakers in Rushden: Nene Valley Crematorium, which could potentially be your loved one's final resting place. While you have the freedom to choose your preferred crematorium, it's advisable to consult with your local funeral director. Their expertise will be valuable, especially considering that crematoriums availability can often be unpredictable and busy. See the list of crematoriums in the area:

Nene Valley Crematorium, 305 Doddington Road NN8 2NX Phone: 01933 229660 with a fee of approximately £841 for a cremation. With an average wait time of 20 days.

What happens in the event of a death at a care home in Rushden?

In the event of a death at a care home, your local funeral director is responsible for collecting the deceased and transporting them to their funeral home with care. According to the Office for National Statistics, approximately 23 % of all deaths in Rushden take place in care homes such as Avenue House Nursing & Care Home or Rushden Park Nursing Home. At Rosy, we offer prompt collection services for your loved one, irrespective of the care home where the passing occurred. For immediate assistance, please contact us at 0800 260 6922.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any Funeral Directors offering Natural/Green burial Funerals in Rushden?
Yes there is 2 Natural Burial Funeral grounds situated within 20 miles radius off Rushden. As funeral directors in Rushden we are committed to providing support and guidance in arranging Natural Burial funerals to commemorate your loved ones in the local area. We take great pride in endorsing environmentally-friendly traditions. See details below of 2 most popular Natural Burial Sites within 20 miles off Rushden.

St Albans Woodland Burial Ground located at St Albans Woodland Burial Ground MK44 2JP. Olney Green Burials located at Olney Green Burials MK46 5EH.
Where can you scatter ashes in Rushden?
The Northamptonshire Council enforces particular guidelines concerning the scattering of ashes in public spaces, which may be revised at any point. For the latest information and guidelines, we recommend visiting the Northamptonshire Council website. As a suggested location for scattering ashes, the River Nene is highly recommended.
Best Funeral Homes in Rushden near Higham Ferrers and Rushden Medical Centre?
There are 5 funeral undertakers close to Higham Ferrers and Rushden Medical Centre. If someone has recently died at Higham Ferrers and Rushden Medical Centre in Rushden then call Rosy on the following number: 0800 260 6922.
What is the best newspaper for obituaries in Rushden?
The main newspaper is the Northamptonshire Telegraph. Obituaries are typically published in the print edition of the newspaper and on their website. The Northamptonshire Telegraph allows family and friends to submit obituaries online, which are then published in the newspaper and online. At Rosy Funeral Directors (Rushden) we liaise with the newspaper directly including the heart warming message and images you wish to publish.
Are there any Jewish Funeral Directors in Rushden?
Indeed, Rosy is capable of meeting your needs. Should you require assistance with a Jewish funeral, please feel free to reach out to us at 0800 260 6922
Are there any Hindu Funeral Directors in Northamptonshire?
Yes, Rosy can accommodate your requirements. If you're looking for a hindu funeral contact us on 0800 260 6922.
Are there any Funeral Directors in Rushden who provide catering services for wakes?
Typically, funeral directors do not commonly provide catering services. Therefore we would recommend contacting a local catering company. They will be able to help you in the time of need.
Are there any Sikh Funeral Directors in Rushden?
Indeed, there are Sikh funeral directors based in Manchester who can offer their support during the period of mourning. To organise your Sikh funeral service, you can reach out to Rosy (Rushden) on 0800 260 6922
Are there any Muslim Funeral Undertakers in Rushden?
Yes there are! Rosy is here to help anyone looking for a muslim funeral In Rushden. From ritual washing, shrouding to organisation between the funeral director and the mosques Imam.