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Whispers of Willow

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Whispers of Willow Poem Verses

In the hush of the field, we hear your name,
The echo of laughter, the crack of the game,
Whispers of willow, the ball's sweet song,
We miss you, dear cricketer, now that you're gone.

Through sunlit afternoons, and twilight's embrace,
We'll remember your passion, your undying grace,
With every delivery, each resounding hit,
The love for the game, forever brightly lit.

Though you've left the crease, and walked away,
In our hearts, dear friend, you'll forever stay,
Whispers of willow, in the breeze we'll find,
A gentle reminder, of love left behind.

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About the poem

This poem is a tribute to a departed cricketer, fondly remembered for their passion for the game and their graceful presence both on and off the cricket field. The poem captures the essence of the person's love for cricket, the joy they found in the game, and how they will be missed but remembered in the echoes of the game they loved.

The Structure of Poem

The poem is structured into four quatrains with a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH. The poem is a tribute to a cricketer who has passed away, and it describes the memories and emotions of those who miss him. The language is vivid and sensory, evoking the sounds and sights of a cricket match, as well as the feelings of love and loss. The repetition of "Whispers of willow" in the last stanza creates a powerful refrain, highlighting the enduring impact of the cricketer's life and love for the game.

Best Quote from Whispers of Willow Poem

This is a quote from the poem Whispers of Willow
"Though you've left the crease, and walked away, In our hearts, dear friend, you'll forever stay."
This quote is significant as it employs cricketing terminology ("left the crease") to symbolize the individual's passing, while asserting their enduring presence in the hearts of those left behind. This juxtaposition between the loss and the enduring memory can bring comfort and resonate deeply with those mourning, especially if they share the same love for cricket.

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