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Too Soon

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Too Soon Poem Verses

A whisper in the wind, a tender touch,
A love so deep, we miss so much,
Taken too soon, a child we've lost,
In the depths of our hearts, we bear the cost.

With every heartbeat, every breath we take,
We'll yearn for the child, the memories we'll make,
In the quiet moments, when the stars align,
We'll hold them close, our love entwined.

Though they're gone, they'll never fade,
In our hearts, their love forever laid,
Gone too soon, but never apart,
We miss you, dear child, with all our heart.

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About the poem

This poem is a poignant reflection on the profound grief and longing felt by parents who have lost a child too soon, potentially through miscarriage or stillbirth. It speaks of the enduring love for the child and the yearning for the memories they could not make together.

The Structure of Poem

This poem is structured in four stanzas, each with four lines. The rhyme scheme of the poem is ABCB, which means that the second and fourth lines of each stanza rhyme. The poem's structure is simple and consistent, with each stanza conveying a similar message of love and loss. The poem uses repetition, with the first and last stanzas being identical, to emphasize the theme of the child's love being eternal, despite their physical absence.

Best Quote from Too Soon Poem

This is a quote from the poem Too Soon
"Though they're gone, they'll never fade, In our hearts, their love forever laid."
This quote is particularly striking because it captures the core message of the poem: the everlasting presence of the child in the parents' hearts despite their physical absence. It communicates the lasting impact of their short existence and the enduring love the parents hold for them.

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