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The Sea Spirit

Author: Madison Julius Cawein
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The Sea Spirit Poem Verses

Ah me! I shall not waken soon
From dreams of such divinity!
A spirit singing 'neath the moon
To me.

Wild sea-spray driven of the storm
Is not so wildly white as she,
Who beckoned with a foam-white arm
To me.

With eyes dark green, and golden-green
Long locks that rippled drippingly,
Out of the green wave she did lean
To me.

And sang; till Earth and Heaven seemed
A far, forgotten memory,
And more than Heaven in her who gleamed
On me.

Sleep, sweeter than love's face or home;
And death's immutability;
And music of the plangent foam,
For me!

Sweep over her! with all thy ships,
With all thy stormy tides, O sea!
The memory of immortal lips
For me!

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About the poem

The poem describes the speaker's dream of encountering a beautiful spirit who sings to them under the moonlight. The spirit is described as having green eyes and long golden hair. The speaker is captivated by her and feels that the experience surpasses even heaven. The poem ends with the speaker asking the sea to sweep over the spirit and preserve the memory of her immortal lips for him.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of six stanzas, each containing four lines. The poem does not follow a strict rhyme scheme, but instead uses slant rhymes and repetition to create a musical effect. The speaker describes a dream in which he encounters a spirit singing by the moon, and he is captivated by her beauty and voice. The final stanza expresses the speaker's desire for the memory of the spirit's immortal lips to endure, even as he is swept away by the sea.

Best Quote from The Sea Spirit Poem

This is a quote from the poem The Sea Spirit by Madison Julius Cawein
"Ah me! I shall not waken soon From dreams of such divinity!"
This quote captures the speaker's deep longing to stay immersed in the dreams of encountering a divine spirit singing to them under the moon. It portrays the powerful impact the encounter had on the speaker and how they are not ready to let go of the memory.

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