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The Fisherman's Prayer

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The Fisherman's Prayer Poem Verses

Our fisherman
Who art on riverbanks
Angler be thy name
Thy fishing season comes
Thy casting will be done
The weather will be heavenly.
Give us this day lots of bites
And forgive us our laughter
As we forgive you, your
Lies about the one that got away.
Lead us to a shoal of fish
And deliver us a big catch
For thine is the carp
The Pike and the Trout
Forever and ever,

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About the poem

The poem is a playful and humorous twist on the Lord's Prayer, using fishing terms and imagery to create a lighthearted prayer for fishermen. The speaker addresses a "fisherman" in a similar manner to how one would address God in prayer, using phrases like "Thy fishing season comes" and "Thy casting will be done." The speaker asks for "lots of bites" and a "big catch," and also asks for forgiveness for their laughter and forgiveness for the fisherman's "lies about the one that got away." The poem concludes by acknowledging the different types of fish ("the carp, the Pike and the Trout") and declaring that they belong to the fisherman "forever and ever."

The Structure of Poem

This poem is written as a humorous parody of the Lord's Prayer, but with a fishing theme. It follows the same structure as the original prayer, with similar language and phrasing used throughout. The poem begins by addressing a "fisherman" as if it were a deity, using fishing-related terminology in place of traditional religious language. The prayer asks for a successful fishing season and for the forgiveness of any laughter or lies that may occur while fishing. It ends with a playful acknowledgement of the different types of fish that exist in the world.

Best Quote from The Fisherman's Prayer Poem

This is a quote from the poem The Fisherman's Prayer
"Our fisherman, Who art on riverbanks, Angler be thy name, Thy fishing season comes, Thy casting will be done, The weather will be heavenly."
This quote from the poem is a unique and creative take on the Lord's Prayer, which adds a fun and light-hearted touch to the activity of fishing. It could be used as a humorous or whimsical way to start a fishing trip, or as a quote to include in a fishing-themed greeting card or gift.

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