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The Farmer's Field, Now Still

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The Farmer's Field, Now Still Poem Verses

The farmer's field, now still and hushed,
The sound of laughter, forever crushed,
Your steady hands, your furrowed brow,
We miss you deeply, here and now.

Through sun and rain, you tilled the land,
A legacy of love, a life so grand,
In every harvest, we'll see your face,
And feel the emptiness, none can replace.

The earth, a witness to your toil,
Now embraces you, a final uncoil,
In the farmer's field, where you once roamed,
We'll miss you dearly, your love, our home.

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About the poem

This poem is a tribute to a farmer who has passed away. It speaks about the deep sense of loss experienced by those left behind, remembering his love, dedication, and hard work tending to his fields. It paints a picture of a life that was deeply connected to the earth, leaving a lasting legacy.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of four stanzas with a rhyming scheme of ABABCDCD. The structure is fairly simple, with a clear focus on the message of loss and remembrance of a farmer's life. The use of agricultural imagery and language helps to create a vivid image of the farmer's life and his connection to the land. The poem's tone is one of sadness and mourning, but also appreciation for the life and legacy of the farmer.

Best Quote from The Farmer's Field, Now Still Poem

This is a quote from the poem The Farmer's Field, Now Still
"Through sun and rain, you tilled the land, A legacy of love, a life so grand."
This quote encapsulates the essence of the farmer's life and work - the enduring dedication, the connection to the land, and the grandness of the life lived. It signifies the farmer's legacy of love and hard work, making it a fitting tribute to remember and honor the deceased.

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