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Precious Moments

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Precious Moments Poem Verses

In the stillness of time, the love we shared,
A fleeting moment, for which we cared,
A child so dear, gone too soon,
We'll cherish the love, like the sun and the moon.

For every heartbeat, every tear,
We'll be grateful for the time, so brief, so dear,
Their presence, a gift, we'll hold so tight,
In our hearts, their love, forever alight.

We appreciate the joy, the hope they brought,
A testament of love, in every thought,
Precious moments, forever to keep,
In our hearts, dear child, your love will sleep.

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About the poem

This poem delves into the heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the brief but profound impact of a child lost too soon, possibly through miscarriage or stillbirth. It symbolizes the enduring love and remembrance of the child as it remains etched in the parents' hearts.

The Structure of Poem

This poem consists of four stanzas, each containing four lines. The poem follows an AABB rhyme scheme, meaning that the first and second lines of each stanza rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines of each stanza rhyme with each other. The language used in the poem is simple and straightforward, with short lines that evoke a sense of longing and loss. The poem celebrates the love shared with a child who has passed away too soon, and how that love will remain forever in the hearts of those who loved them.

Best Quote from Precious Moments Poem

This is a quote from the poem Precious Moments
"In our hearts, their love, forever alight."
This quote is significant as it encapsulates the main theme of the poem: the lasting love for the child that continues to light up the parents' hearts. It symbolizes the idea that their child's memory remains alive and radiant within them, despite the physical loss.

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