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Please Don't Go

Author: James Wilhoite
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Please Don't Go Poem Verses

I have loved you
too much

I guess when we
love each other

We sometimes argue
and fight

I love you too deeply

So please don't
argue or fight

Don't let things
get in our way

Don't walk away
from our love

Give me a chance
to love you

Give me that chance
to say I am sorry

Don't just walk away
from me

Don't fight and argue
with me.

I love you deeply
and please don't go

Don't argue with me
or fight with me

You are the only
one I have

And the only
thing to love

So please stay with me
Don't just walk away

Give me that chance
to love you

Give me that chance
to say that I am sorry.

Please say that you
love me too.

Please love me forever
and don't walk away.

I will always love
you no matter what.


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About the poem

This Poem is also known as the following: "Please Don't Go poem".
The poem is a plea to a loved one not to leave and to stop arguing or fighting. The speaker confesses their deep love and apologizes for any mistakes they may have made. They ask for a chance to make things right and to express their love. The poem emphasizes the importance of staying together and not letting anything come between their love.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of a series of short stanzas with simple and straightforward language. The structure is loose with no consistent rhyme scheme or meter. It is written in the first person and the speaker is expressing their love and desperation to keep their partner from leaving them. The repetition of phrases like "give me a chance," "don't walk away," and "I love you" highlight the speaker's anxiety and fear of losing their loved one. The poem conveys a sense of raw emotion and vulnerability.

Best Quote from Please Don't Go Poem

This is a quote from the poem Please Don't Go by James Wilhoite
"I have love you too much"
While this poem may not have the literary merit of some of the other selections, this opening line is a poignant expression of deep love and affection. It suggests that the speaker's love for their partner is so intense that it may have caused problems in their relationship, but they are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right and hold onto their love. The line is simple yet powerful, and conveys the message that sometimes love can be overwhelming, but it is worth fighting for.

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