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Now You're Gone Poem

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Now You're Gone Poem Poem Verses

You're gone, and all that's left is nothing but memories,
Memories that lead me to silence and tears.
I miss your arms that hold me tight,
Your snore that fills our room at night.

You're gone, and I can no longer stare at you as you sleep,
But thank God he lets me see you as I weep.
In dreams we talk and laugh together.
There I can say I love you more than ever.

You're gone, and I feel so weary when I'm alone.
Wish you were here and would come back home.
I'm hurting and longing for your touch.
Why does parting have to hurt this much?

You're gone forever, and we are now apart.
I'm filled with pain that breaks my heart.
You used to playfully sneak behind the door.
Those lovely eyes I see no more.

You're gone, and I terribly miss your voice,
Your laughter that fills the house with noise.
Your absence makes me feel so blue.
My life is empty without you.

You're gone, but I know I shouldn't be so awful,
For you left me a treasure to cherish and to nurture.
Our precious little angel; she's all that I've got,
A constant reminder that once I had your love.

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About the poem

This poem is a heartfelt expression of grief and loss after the passing of a loved one. The speaker describes the pain of missing the physical presence of their loved one and the memories that bring both silence and tears. The poem highlights the longing for the person's embrace, their voice, and their laughter. The speaker also shares the comfort of dreaming of their loved one and the desire to hold onto their memory. This poem can be used as a eulogy or a reading at a funeral to express the deep feelings of sorrow and to honor the memory of the deceased. It can be personalized by inserting the name of the deceased and specific memories that are cherished.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of six stanzas, each with four lines. It has a consistent rhyme scheme of ABAB, with the first and third lines rhyming and the second and fourth lines rhyming. The poem has a melancholic and mournful tone as the speaker reflects on their loved one who has passed away and the memories that they have left behind. The poem is a tribute to the love shared between the speaker and the deceased, as well as a reflection on the pain of losing someone.

Best Quote from Now You're Gone Poem Poem

This is a quote from the poem Now You're Gone Poem
"You're gone, but I know I shouldn't be so awful, For you left me a treasure to cherish and to nurture. Our precious little angel; she's all that I've got, A constant reminder that once I had your love."
This quote highlights the bittersweet nature of loss, acknowledging the deep pain of separation while also recognizing the gifts that remain. It suggests that even in the midst of grief, we can find comfort and hope in the memories and legacies of those we have loved and lost. The quote can be a source of encouragement to those who have lost a loved one, reminding them to hold onto the love that remains and to find joy in the blessings they have been given.

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