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Let It Be Gone

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Let It Be Gone Poem Verses

Let it be gone – the days of pain,
The dark nights of despair,
The hours of fear that nothing gained
But the grief that we must bear.

Let it be gone – the bitter strife,
The endless empty ache,
The heart that’s broken, torn with life,
The soul that cannot wake.

Let it be gone – the lonely road,
The burdens we must bear,
The crushing load that we have sowed,
The wounds that will not repair.

Let it be gone – the tears we shed,
The memories that we keep,
The restless nights that fill with dread,
The sorrows that run so deep.

Let it be gone – the pain we feel,
The void that’s left behind,
The empty place that will not heal,
The search that we can’t find.

Let it be gone – the darkened room,
The shadows on the wall,
The silence that engulfs the tomb,
The weight that’s felt by all.

Let it be gone – but not the love,
The memories that we share,
The hope that’s sent from up above,
The comfort that’s found in prayer.

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About the poem

The poem is about the speaker's desire to let go of the pain, suffering, and despair that they have experienced in life. They long to be free of the bitter struggles, broken hearts, and crushing burdens that have weighed them down. The speaker acknowledges the sorrow and grief that they have felt, and wishes to be rid of the memories and restless nights that have haunted them. However, the poem also emphasizes the importance of holding onto love, memories, hope, and comfort that are found in faith and prayer. The poem acknowledges the inevitability of loss and the pain it brings, but encourages the reader to find solace and strength in love and faith.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of several stanzas, each containing four lines, and follows a consistent AABB rhyme scheme. The poem's language is emotive and evocative, with an emphasis on letting go of past pain and finding comfort in love, hope, and prayer. The poet uses imagery to convey feelings of darkness and sorrow, such as "dark nights of despair," "endless empty ache," and "crushing load," but also offers hope and healing through phrases like "comfort that's found in prayer" and "hope that's sent from up above."

Best Quote from Let It Be Gone Poem

This is a quote from the poem Let It Be Gone
"Let it be gone – but not the love, The memories that we share, The hope that’s sent from up above, The comfort that’s found in prayer."
This quote offers a message of hope and comfort amidst the pain and grief of loss. It reminds us that while we may have to let go of the negative emotions and experiences that come with loss, we can still hold on to the love, memories, and hope that our loved ones have left behind.

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