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Last Journey Poem

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Last Journey Poem Poem Verses

There is a train at the station
With a seat reserved just for me
I'm excited about its destination
As I’ve heard it sets you free

The trials and tribulations
The pain and stress we breathe
Don't exist where I am going
Only happiness I believe

I hope that you will be there
To wish me on my way
It's not a journey you can join in
It’s not your time today

There'll be many destinations
Some are happy, some are sad
Each one a brief reminder
Of the great times that we've had

Many friends I know are waiting
Who took an earlier train
To greet and reassure me
That nothing has really changed

We’ll take the time together
To catch up on the past
To build a new beginning
One that will always last

One day you'll take your journey
On the train just like me
And I promise that I'll be there
At the station and you will see

That life is just a journey
Enriched by those you meet
No one can take that from you
It's always yours to keep

But now as no seat is vacant
You will have to muddle through
Make sure you fulfill your ambitions
As you know I’ll be watching you

And if there’s an occasion
To mention who you knew
Speak kindly of that person
As one day it will be you

Now I can't accept this ending
And as it's time for me to leave
Please make haste to the reception
To enjoy my drinks, they're free!

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About the poem

The poem "There is a train at the station" is about the journey of life and death. It speaks of a train waiting at the station with a seat reserved for the narrator, who is excited about its destination because they have heard that it sets you free from all the trials and tribulations of life. The narrator hopes that their loved ones will be there to bid them farewell and wishes to catch up with old friends who have already taken the journey. The poem ends with the narrator encouraging their loved ones to fulfill their ambitions and speak kindly of others.

The poem can be used for a funeral as it touches on the theme of life after death and the idea of meeting loved ones who have passed away before us. It can provide comfort to those mourning the loss of a loved one and can be personalized by mentioning the name of the deceased and their cherished memories. Additionally, the last stanza of the poem can be used to encourage attendees to celebrate the life of the deceased and enjoy the reception in their honor.

Overall, the poem could serve as a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to someone who has passed away, and its messages of hope and remembrance can provide comfort and solace to those who are grieving.

The Structure of Poem

Last Journey Poem: The poem is structured with stanzas that each have four lines. The rhyme scheme is ABAB, with the first and third lines of each stanza rhyming, and the second and fourth lines rhyming. The poem contains eight stanzas.

Best Quote from Last Journey Poem Poem

This is a quote from the poem Last Journey Poem
"Life is just a journey Enriched by those you meet No-one can take that from you It's always yours to keep."
This quote captures the essence of the poem, which is that life is a journey that is enriched by the people we meet along the way. It emphasizes the importance of the connections we make in life and how they shape us as individuals. The quote also suggests that our experiences are uniquely ours and that they cannot be taken away from us. It reminds us to value the people in our lives and cherish the memories we create with them.

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