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It's Strange

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It's Strange Poem Verses

It's strange we don't appreciate
The things we see each day
We never know their value
Till they're cruelly snatched away
Things I took for granted then
Her voice, her smile, her touch
I always knew I loved her
But I never knew how much

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About the poem

This poem reflects on the theme of loss and how we often take things for granted until they are taken away from us. The speaker laments the fact that they didn't fully appreciate the person who is now gone, and how they only realized their true value after their loss. The speaker mentions specific things that they used to take for granted, such as the person's voice, smile, and touch, which now hold a deeper significance. The poem highlights the importance of cherishing and valuing the people in our lives while we still have them.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of four quatrains, with an AABB rhyme scheme. Each stanza expresses the speaker's realization of how much they loved and appreciated someone they lost. The language is simple and straightforward, with a reflective and regretful tone. The poem ends on a note of realization and acceptance of the value of what was lost.

Best Quote from It's Strange Poem

This is a quote from the poem It's Strange
"Things I took for granted then Her voice, her smile, her touch I always knew I loved her But I never knew how much"
This quote from the poem offers a beautiful and poignant message about the importance of appreciating the people and things we have in our lives while we still have them. It emphasizes the idea that we often take the people we love for granted, and that we may not fully realize their value until they are no longer with us. This quote could be used as a way to remind people to cherish the moments and people in their lives, or as a way to reflect on the importance of expressing love and gratitude to those around us. The use of personal and emotional language, such as "her voice, her smile, her touch", adds a sense of intimacy and vulnerability to the message, making this quote a relatable and meaningful tribute to the human experience of love and loss.

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