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I'm Not Gone

Author: Laureate Emile Lauren Jones
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I'm Not Gone Poem Verses

I’m not gone,
I’m still the same person I was before.
When you walk down the street,
I’m one step behind.
When you watch the television,
I still sit by your side.
I listen to your conversations,
laugh at your jokes
and smile as you remember the good times.

I’m not gone,
I’m the breeze that rustles the trees in our garden.
When you cry, I put my arm around you,
and I join in when you sing our songs.
I sit at the end of your bed at night,
and when you wake up,
I’m still there.

I’m not gone,
I’m just waiting.
This is not the end, just a new chapter,
I dance next to you at parties,
when you’re happy, I’m happy.
I sit in the back seat of the car –
I’m the reflection in the window,
and I hold open the door.

I’m not gone.
So don’t stop being you, carry on.
If you meet someone new,
I’ll still hold your hand.
I’m always with you, by your side.
I still breathe in your perfume
and run my fingers through your hair.
Soon we’ll be together,
But until then,
Take care.

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About the poem

This poem is a comforting message to loved ones left behind by someone who has passed away. The poem reassures them that even though the person is gone, they are still present in spirit and continue to watch over them. The poem speaks of the deceased being a constant presence in the lives of those they love, always with them, whether it's in the breeze that rustles the trees in their garden or in the reflection in the car window. The poem encourages the living to continue being themselves and to carry on with their lives, and reassures them that they will be reunited with their loved one someday. This poem can be personalized for a funeral by changing some of the details to reflect the person who has passed away, such as mentioning their favorite song or their favorite place to sit.

The Structure of Poem

The poem has a free verse structure and consists of a series of stanzas, each of which begins with the repeated line "I'm not gone." The poem is addressed to a loved one, with the speaker reassuring them that they are still present and watching over them even though they have passed away. The poem uses imagery of being a breeze, sitting by their side, and joining in on their conversations, to convey the idea that the speaker is always with them. The final stanza suggests that the speaker and their loved one will be reunited someday, but until then, the loved one should carry on and take care.

Best Quote from I'm Not Gone Poem

This is a quote from the poem I'm Not Gone by Laureate Emile Lauren Jones
"I’m not gone, I’m just waiting."
This line is a comforting reminder that our loved ones who have passed away may not be physically present, but they are still with us in spirit. It offers hope and reassurance that we will one day be reunited with them.

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