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If I Should Never See The Moon Again

Author: Major Malcolm Boyle
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If I Should Never See The Moon Again Poem Verses

If I should never see the moon again
Rising red gold across the harvest field,
Or feel the stinging of soft April rain
As the brown earth her hidden treasures yield.

If I should never hear the thrushes wake
Long before the sunrise in the glittering dawn,
Or watch the huge Atlantic rollers break
Against the rugged cliffs in baffling scorn.

If I have said goodbye to stream and wood
To the wide ocean and green clad hill,
I know that he who made this world good
Has somewhere made a heaven better still.

This I bear witness with my last breath
Knowing the love of God
I fear not death.

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About the poem

This poem is about accepting the inevitability of death and finding comfort in the belief in an afterlife. The speaker reflects on the beauty of nature and expresses gratitude for the experiences they have had, but acknowledges that they may never have these experiences again. Despite this, they are not afraid of death because they believe in God and that there is a better place beyond this world. The poem encourages readers to find peace in their faith and not to fear death.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of three stanzas, each comprising of four lines. The poem follows an ABAB rhyme scheme and is written in iambic tetrameter, with the exception of the last line of each stanza which has a slightly different meter. The poem has a contemplative and reflective tone and speaks of the beauty of nature and the certainty of death, and the speaker's faith in the afterlife.

Best Quote from If I Should Never See The Moon Again Poem

This is a quote from the poem If I Should Never See The Moon Again by Major Malcolm Boyle
"This I bear witness with my last breath Knowing the love of God I fear not death."
This quote from the poem is a powerful statement of faith and courage in the face of death. It speaks to the belief in a higher power and an afterlife, giving comfort and hope to those facing mortality. The imagery of the natural world also adds to the poem's sense of peace and acceptance.

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