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I Farmed The Land

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I Farmed The Land Poem Verses

I farmed the land,
I tramped the wood,
These are the things
I understood.

No grand schemes,
They passed me by.
I knew the brook,
The hills, the sky.

To hunt a bird,
To wet a line,
Gifts from God,
So good and fine.

Friend and kin,
I loved them so;
Although I’m gone,
I’m sure they know,

I’m now at peace,
Life battle’s done,
I’ve faced the foe
And I have won.

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About the poem

The poem reflects on a simple life lived in harmony with nature. The speaker describes their connection to the land, the woods, the brook, the hills, and the sky. They find joy in hunting birds and fishing, and treasure the relationships with friends and family. The poem suggests that the speaker lived a humble life without grand ambitions, but was content and fulfilled by the simple pleasures of life. The poem concludes with the speaker's acceptance of death, and the idea that they have overcome life's challenges and found peace.

The Structure of Poem

The poem is structured in stanzas, each consisting of four lines. The rhyme scheme follows an ABCB pattern, with the second and fourth lines of each stanza rhyming. The poem has a simple and straightforward structure, with a focus on the narrator's connection to nature and family. It conveys a sense of peace and contentment with life, and a sense of acceptance in the face of death.

Best Quote from I Farmed The Land Poem

This is a quote from the poem I Farmed The Land
"To hunt a bird, To wet a line, Gifts from God, So good and fine."
This quote from the poem celebrates the simple pleasures of life, such as hunting and fishing, and attributes them as gifts from a higher power. It could be used as a reminder to appreciate the small things in life, or as a way to express gratitude for the joys and blessings that come our way. The quote also has a sense of nostalgia and longing for a simpler time, which could make it an appropriate choice for a memorial or tribute to someone who cherished the outdoors and the natural world.

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