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Greenwood Cemetery

Author: Crammond Kennedy
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Greenwood Cemetery Poem Verses

How calm they sleep beneath the shade
Who once were weary of the strife,
And bent, like us, beneath the load
Of human life!

The willow hangs with sheltering grace
And benediction o'er their sod,
And Nature, hushed, assures the soul
They rest in God.

O weary hearts, what rest is here,
From all that curses yonder town!
So deep the peace, I almost long
To lay me down.

For, oh, it will be blest to sleep,
Nor dream, nor move, that silent night,
Till wakened in immortal strength
And heavenly light!

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About the poem

The poem reflects on the restful peace of those who have died and are buried beneath the willow tree's shade. It highlights the quiet calmness that the dead have found after struggling through the challenges of life. The poet is moved by the tranquility of the graveyard and feels that it is an inviting place for the living, a refuge from the tribulations of the town. The poem suggests that the ultimate rest can be found in the silence and stillness of death, and that the dead rest in the comfort of God.

The Structure of Poem

The poem has four stanzas, each consisting of four lines. It follows a rhyming scheme of ABAB and talks about the peaceful sleep of the deceased who had once lived a life filled with struggles and challenges. The poem creates an image of the dead resting in peace beneath the shade of a willow tree and assures the living that they rest in God. The poem ends with the speaker expressing a desire for a similar rest, free from the worries and afflictions of life, until the time comes for them to awaken to eternal life.

Best Quote from Greenwood Cemetery Poem

This is a quote from the poem Greenwood Cemetery by Crammond Kennedy
"O weary hearts, what rest is here, From all that curses yonder town! So deep the peace, I almost long To lay me down."
This quote speaks to the peace and rest that can be found in death, away from the struggles and strife of life. It offers a comforting perspective on the idea of death as a release from the burdens of life.

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