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Don't Cry For Me Today

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Don't Cry For Me Today Poem Verses

Don’t cry for me today,
I wouldn’t want it this way.
Be strong and smile,
for you will see me in a while.
I know you miss me,
but now in Heaven I will be.
Do not keep your sad face.
I am in a much better place.
Do not let your tears fall,
for I cannot wipe them all.
Yes, my life wasn’t long,
But I’m begging you to be strong.
Live every moment as if it were your last.
I won’t forget any memories that have passed.
Cherish life and love
as I watch you from above.
As I remember all of the good things,
I come to see I have gotten my wings.
It is time to go and fly.
As your guardian angel I will try.
Don’t cry for me today.
I’m on my way.
Soaring through the sky,
I watch all of you telling me goodbye.

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About the poem

The poem is about a person who has passed away and is now in heaven, asking their loved ones not to cry or be sad for them. They want their loved ones to be strong and smile, as they will see them again in the future. The person who passed away wants their loved ones to cherish life and love, as they watch over them from above as their guardian angel. They assure their loved ones that they are now in a much better place and have gotten their wings to fly. The poem ends with the person flying through the sky, watching their loved ones say goodbye.

The Structure of Poem

The poem is structured in free verse, with no particular rhyme or meter. It consists of a series of short stanzas, each expressing a different sentiment or idea. The poem speaks from the perspective of someone who has passed away, encouraging their loved ones not to mourn, but instead to be happy and cherish their memories. The tone of the poem is peaceful and reassuring, with a focus on the afterlife and the idea that the speaker is watching over their loved ones from above.

Best Quote from Don't Cry For Me Today Poem

This is a quote from the poem Don't Cry For Me Today
"Cherish life and love as I watch you from above."
This quote is a reminder to appreciate and cherish the time we have with loved ones, and to live life to the fullest. It serves as a comforting message from someone who has passed away, encouraging us to continue living and loving despite our loss.

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