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Complex Hearts

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Complex Hearts Poem Verses

In quiet moments, thoughts return,
To memories made, where love was earned,
A difficult love, a bond entwined,
A heart now gone, a love resigned.

I miss their strength, their stubborn will,
The moments shared, both bitter and thrilled,
Yet in my heart, a love still grows,
For even complex hearts, love bestows.

In whispered prayers, I'll find my peace,
A love unbroken, a bond that's ceaseless,
My dear one, forever near,
A complex heart, undying, clear.

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About the poem

The poem speaks about the complex relationship the speaker had with a now-deceased loved one. While the love they shared was difficult and entwined with both bitter and thrilling moments, the speaker acknowledges their miss for the deceased's strength and stubborn will. Despite the complexities, the speaker finds comfort and peace in knowing that their love is unbroken and continues to grow.

The Structure of Poem

The poem is structured with four stanzas, each consisting of four lines. The rhyme scheme is ABAB, with the second and fourth lines of each stanza rhyming. The poem explores the theme of a complicated love, reflecting on memories shared with a person who had a complex personality. The speaker expresses their appreciation for this person's strength, stubbornness, and the moments they shared together. The poem acknowledges the difficulty of this love and the pain of loss but also emphasizes the enduring power of love.

Best Quote from Complex Hearts Poem

This is a quote from the poem Complex Hearts
"Yet in my heart, a love still grows, For even complex hearts, love bestows."
This quote is the best bit because it succinctly captures the essence of the poem - that even in complexity and difficulty, love persists. It's a powerful statement about the enduring nature of love, even in the face of hardship or struggle, making it a poignant sentiment for remembering a loved one with whom one had a complicated relationship.

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