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All Things Will Die

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All Things Will Die Poem Verses

Clearly the blue river chimes in its flowing
Under my eye;
Warmly and broadly the south winds are blowing
Over the sky.
One after another the white clouds are fleeting;
Every heart this May morning in joyance is beating
Full merrily;
Yet all things must die.

The stream will cease to flow;
The wind will cease to blow;
The clouds will cease to fleet;
The heart will cease to beat;
For all things must die.
All things must die.

Spring will come never more.
O, vanity!
Death waits at the door.
See! our friends are all forsaking
The wine and the merrymaking.
We are call’d-we must go.
Laid low, very low,
In the dark we must lie.

The merry glees are still;
The voice of the bird
Shall no more be heard,
Nor the wind on the hill.
O, misery!
Hark! death is calling
While I speak to ye,
The jaw is falling,
The red cheek paling,
The strong limbs failing;
Ice with the warm blood mixing;
The eyeballs fixing.
Nine times goes the passing bell:
Ye merry souls, farewell.

The old earth
Had a birth,
As all men know,
Long ago.
And the old earth must die.
So let the warm winds range,
And the blue wave beat the shore;
For even and morn
Ye will never see
Thro’ eternity.
All things were born.
Ye will come never more,
For all things must die.

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About the poem

The poem "All Things Must Die" is a reflection on the inevitability of death and the transience of life. The poem uses vivid imagery of nature, including a blue river, south winds, and white clouds, to convey a sense of joy and vitality. However, the poem emphasizes that even these things must come to an end, as all things must die. The poem contemplates the finality of death and the way it puts an end to all the joys and pleasures of life.

The poem can be used for a funeral as it highlights the universality of death and the inevitability of our own mortality. It can be personalized by reflecting on the life and legacy of the deceased, celebrating the joys and pleasures they brought to those around them. The poem can serve as a reminder to cherish the moments we have and to appreciate the fleeting beauty of life.

Alternatively, the poem can be enjoyed as a philosophical reflection on the nature of life and death. It encourages the reader to reflect on the transience of all things and the inevitability of change. The poem can inspire the reader to appreciate the beauty of life and to find meaning in the fleeting moments we have. It can also serve as a reminder to make the most of the time we have and to embrace the inevitability of change and transition.

The Structure of Poem

All Things Will Die: This poem consists of five stanzas, each with six lines. The rhyme scheme is ABCBDD, and the meter is predominantly iambic tetrameter, with four iambs per line.

Best Quote from All Things Will Die Poem

This is a quote from the poem All Things Will Die by Alfred Lord Tennyson
"For all things must die."
This quote is repeated several times throughout the poem and serves as a reminder of the inevitability of death. It emphasizes the transient nature of all things, and how even the most beautiful and joyous moments in life will eventually come to an end. The quote encourages us to embrace the present moment and to live our lives to the fullest, knowing that nothing lasts forever. It also suggests that death is a natural and necessary part of the cycle of life, and that we should not fear it, but accept it as a part of the natural order of things.

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