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After Their Death

Author: Judith Pordon
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After Their Death Poem Verses

You might be covered
By eyelids closed
Over your whole being,
Or reach with desperation
For something alive
To hold onto.
Your fingertips will hide
In a fist. No more palms
Open to life.
Humbled, the very ground
Will seem so large. Someday

The earth will own you.
Or you see there's no time
To waste, and plow
Into previously feared goals.
Try to be patient
If it takes you years
To return.
This is the exit from Eden,
When you have chosen life
While wanting to die.
This is the fall that gives
Wisdom, perspective, gratefulness.
It is worth the crawl, back to life.

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About the poem

The poem explores the theme of facing difficult and challenging times in life, where a person may feel overwhelmed or lost. The speaker talks about the struggle to hold onto hope and the feeling of being consumed by darkness. However, the poem suggests that these moments of darkness and uncertainty can also be opportunities for growth and learning. It encourages the reader to be patient and persistent in their journey back to life, despite the challenges they may face. Ultimately, the poem celebrates the strength and resilience of the human spirit and the value of emerging from difficult times with wisdom and gratitude.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of a single stanza with free verse. It does not have a rhyme or meter scheme. The poem presents a contemplation on life and the hardships that come with it, using vivid imagery to convey the emotions of the speaker. The poem ends with a message of hope and perseverance, suggesting that even after experiencing the fall from grace, it is still possible to find meaning and purpose in life.

Best Quote from After Their Death Poem

This is a quote from the poem After Their Death by Judith Pordon
"Try to be patient if it takes you years to return. This is the exit from Eden, when you have chosen life while wanting to die. This is the fall that gives wisdom, perspective, gratefulness. It is worth the crawl, back to life."
This quote from the poem emphasizes the importance of patience and perseverance when dealing with difficult times. It encourages readers to keep pushing forward even when life seems overwhelming and to find meaning in the struggles they face. The imagery of the fall and the exit from Eden adds depth and symbolism to the message, making it a powerful and memorable quote.

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