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A Wisp of Joy

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A Wisp of Joy Poem Verses

In the quietest of moments, we'll find a smile,
Remembering the child, who stayed a little while,
A wisp of joy, a touch so light,
Their memory, a beacon, in the darkest night.

We'll laugh at the dreams, the plans we made,
And hold them close, as the memories cascade,
In the gentlest of whispers, their laughter we'll find,
A balm for the heart, a solace for the mind.

A wisp of joy, forever to hold,
A child's memory, a love untold,
Gentle memories, laughter and grace,
In our hearts, dear child, you'll find your place.

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About the poem

The poem speaks of the delicate and profound emotions associated with remembering a child who was lost too soon, possibly due to miscarriage or stillbirth. It emphasizes the comfort found in cherishing the memories, dreams, and plans the parents had for the child, as these memories serve as a balm and solace in difficult times.

The Structure of Poem

This poem has a simple structure with short stanzas consisting of four lines each. The first two lines of each stanza set up the theme of the poem, with the next two lines elaborating on it. The poem conveys a sense of loss and nostalgia for a child who was only in the world for a short time, but who left a deep and lasting impression on those who knew them. The tone is gentle and reflective, with a focus on the positive memories and moments of joy shared with the child.

Best Quote from A Wisp of Joy Poem

This is a quote from the poem A Wisp of Joy
"In the gentlest of whispers, their laughter we'll find, A balm for the heart, a solace for the mind."
This quote is poignant as it illustrates the comforting and healing power of cherishing the memories of the child. It suggests that even in their absence, the child's laughter and joy can provide solace and peace to the grieving heart and mind.

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