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A Light That Shines

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A Light That Shines Poem Verses

In their brief time, they shone so bright,
A guiding star, in the darkest night,
A child so wise, with a heart so kind,
A soul so rare, so hard to find.

Their love and compassion, a testament true,
To the greatness within, that brightly grew,
A little one's wisdom, a spirit so fair,
Their memory we'll cherish, in our hearts they'll wear.

Through the tears that fall, and the years that pass,
The light of their greatness, forever will last,
A child so dear, a love so fine,
Their legacy lives on, a light that shines.

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About the poem

This poem is a tribute to a child who has passed away, emphasizing their inherent wisdom, kindness, and radiant spirit. It conveys the enduring impact of their brief yet meaningful life, acknowledging their legacy that continues to shine brightly through the love and memories they left behind.

The Structure of Poem

The poem has a simple and straightforward structure, with four stanzas consisting of four lines each. Each line is short and easy to understand, making the poem accessible to readers of all ages. The language used in the poem is emotive and tender, conveying a deep sense of love and loss. The poem reflects on the life of a child who passed away too soon, celebrating their wisdom, kindness, and the positive impact they had on others during their brief time on earth.

Best Quote from A Light That Shines Poem

This is a quote from the poem A Light That Shines
"Through the tears that fall, and the years that pass, The light of their greatness, forever will last."
This quote is a poignant reminder of the lasting impact of the child's life, despite its brevity. It beautifully encapsulates the enduring legacy of the child, asserting that their light and greatness will continue to shine, even as time passes and tears fall. This line can be comforting to those grieving, offering a sense of hope and permanence amid the pain of loss.

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