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A Light Extinguished, Yet Undimmed

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A Light Extinguished, Yet Undimmed Poem Verses

A light extinguished, yet undimmed,
In memory's embrace, our tears are brimmed,
A strong woman, with courage and grace,
We miss your presence, your warm embrace.

In quiet moments, we hear your voice,
A love unyielding, a life's choice,
Your strength and wisdom, a beacon bright,
We miss you dearly, through day and night.

Gone from this world, yet forever near,
A guiding spirit, in every tear,
We miss you, strong woman, a love so true,
In the whispers of the wind, we'll find you.

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About the poem

This poem is a heartfelt homage to a strong woman who has passed away. It acknowledges her life as a beacon of strength, wisdom, courage, and grace. Even in her absence, her memory continues to shine bright and provide guidance. Her love, unyielding and true, is felt in quiet moments and in the whispers of the wind, signifying her enduring presence.

The Structure of Poem

The poem is structured in four quatrains, with an ABAB rhyme scheme. The poem speaks about a woman who has passed away, describing her as a strong woman with courage and grace. The speaker mourns her passing and expresses their deep love and admiration for her, even in death. The use of imagery, such as the whispers of the wind, creates a sense of peacefulness and hope for the future. The poem has a somber tone, yet conveys the enduring presence and impact of the woman's life.

Best Quote from A Light Extinguished, Yet Undimmed Poem

This is a quote from the poem A Light Extinguished, Yet Undimmed
"Your strength and wisdom, a beacon bright, We miss you dearly, through day and night."
This quote stands out as it captures the essence of the woman's strong character and her lasting impact. It succinctly expresses her enduring influence as a beacon of strength and wisdom that is deeply missed. The contrast between day and night emphasizes the constant feeling of her absence, making it a touching tribute that encapsulates the sentiment of the poem.

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