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A Guiding Light

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A Guiding Light Poem Verses

In the halls of memory, your presence we'll find,
A colleague, a mentor, your love intertwined,
Gone too soon, we miss your embrace,
The wisdom you shared, your unwavering grace.

With every tear that falls, every aching sigh,
We'll remember your guidance, reaching for the sky,
In the quiet moments, your memory we'll trace,
Wishing to hold you, in a tender, safe space.

A guiding light, a love we'll forever miss,
In the depths of our sorrow, a longing abyss,
Though you're gone, your love we'll carry,
In our thoughts, dear mentor, forever you'll tarry.

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About the poem

This poem is about the profound sense of loss felt when a colleague or mentor passes away, focusing on the wisdom, guidance, and love they provided during their life.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of four stanzas, each with four lines. The structure of the poem is a quatrain with an AABB rhyme scheme, where the first and second lines rhyme, and the third and fourth lines rhyme. The poem expresses the grief felt by the speaker after losing a colleague and mentor. The poem talks about how much the speaker misses the mentor's presence and wisdom, and how they will forever hold their memory close. Despite the sorrow, the poem expresses a sense of gratitude and respect for the mentor's life and the impact they had on the speaker.

Best Quote from A Guiding Light Poem

This is a quote from the poem A Guiding Light
"The wisdom you shared, your unwavering grace."
This quote is significant because it highlights the invaluable qualities of the mentor, such as their wisdom and grace, which made them an essential figure in the lives of those they mentored. It captures the essence of what made them a remarkable person and a cherished presence.

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