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Come To Me When I'M Dying

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Come To Me When I'M Dying Poem Verses

Come to me when I'm dying;
Gaze on my wasted form,
Tired with so long defying
Life's ever-rushing storm.
Come, come when I am dying,
And stand beside my bed,
Ere yet my soul is flying,
And I am cold and dead.

Bend low and lower o'er me,
For I've a word to say
Though death is just before me,
Ere I can go away.
Now that my soul is hovering
Upon the verge of day,
For thee I'll lift the covering
That veils its quivering ray.

O, ne'er had I thus spoken
In health's bright, rosy glow!
But death my pride hath broken,
And brought my spirit low.
Though now this last revealing
Quickens life's curdling springs,
And a half-timid feeling
Faint flushes o'er me flings.

Bend lower yet above me,
For I would have thee know
How passing well I love thee,
And joy to tell thee so.
This love, so purely welling
Up in this heart of mine,
O, hath it e'er found dwelling
Within thy spirit's shrine?

I've prayed my God, in meekness,
To give me some control
Over this earthly weakness
That so enthralled my soul;
And now my soul rejoices
While sweetly-thrilling strains,
From low, harmonious voices,
Soothe all my dying pains.

They sing of the Eternal,
Whose throne is far above,
Where zephyrs softly vernal
Float over bowers of love;
Of hopes and joys, earth-blighted,
Blooming 'neath cloudless skies,
Of hearts and souls united
In love that never dies.

'Tis there, 'tis there I'll meet thee
When life's brief day is o'er;
O, with what joy to greet thee
On that eternal shore!
Farewell! for death is chilling
My pulses swift and fast;
And yet in God I'm willing
This hour should be my last.

Sometimes, when day declineth,
And all the gorgeous west
In gold and purple shineth,
Go to my place of rest;
And if thy voice in weeping,
Is borne upon the air,
Think not of me as sleeping;
All cold and silent there:--

But turn, with glances tender,
Toward a shining star,
Whose rays with chastened splendor
Fall on thee from afar.
And know the blissful dwelling
Where I am waiting thee,
When Jordan fiercely swelling
Shall set thy spirit free.

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About the poem

This poem is a plea from a dying person to their loved one to come to them before they pass away. The speaker asks their loved one to stand beside their bed and listen to their last words before their soul leaves their body. The speaker reveals that they have a word to say, and they want to express their love for the person before they go.

The speaker acknowledges that they were too proud to express their love in the past when they were healthy, but now that they are dying, their pride has been broken, and they want the person to know how much they love them. The speaker wonders if their love has been reciprocated and whether it has found a place in the person's heart.

The speaker then speaks about their faith in God and the hope that they will be reunited with their loved one in the afterlife. The speaker describes a place of eternal love and joy where they will meet their loved one again. The speaker expresses their willingness to accept death and their belief that their soul will be set free when the time comes.

The poem ends with the speaker asking their loved one to visit their resting place after they are gone. The speaker wants their loved one to remember them with tenderness and to look towards a shining star that represents the place where the speaker is waiting for them in the afterlife. The poem expresses a sense of acceptance and hope in the face of death and the belief in an eternal reunion with loved ones.

The Structure of Poem

The poem consists of six stanzas, each with eight lines, and the rhyme scheme of ABABCBDB. The structure of the poem is relatively simple, with consistent rhyme and meter, and a clear, direct language. The poem is a plea to a loved one to come to the speaker's bedside as they face death. The first stanza sets the tone and theme of the poem, with the following stanzas elaborating on the speaker's feelings, desires, and spiritual beliefs. The second and third stanzas express the speaker's desire to reveal their love to the loved one before they die. The fourth and fifth stanzas reflect on the speaker's spiritual journey, and express their belief in an afterlife and reunion with the loved one. The final stanza provides a closing farewell to the loved one, while also offering a comforting vision of the speaker's continued presence and love. The structure of the poem reinforces the theme of the speaker's impending death and the urgent desire to express their feelings and beliefs before they pass away.

Best Quote from Come To Me When I'M Dying Poem

This is a quote from the poem Come To Me When I'M Dying
"Come to me when I'm dying; Gaze on my wasted form, Tired with so long defying Life's ever-rushing storm. Come, come when I am dying, And stand beside my bed, Ere yet my soul is flying, And I am cold and dead."
This quote is a heartfelt plea for companionship and comfort during the final moments of life. The speaker is asking for someone to be with them as they face death, to ease their suffering and share their journey into the unknown. It is a poignant reminder of the importance of human connection and the comfort that can be found in the presence of a loved one, even in the face of death.

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